Rickstones Yearbook 1986

I have scanned and uploaded to Flickr the complete Rickstones Yearbook I created in 1986 when I was a wee scruffian. Contains my attempt to be Bill Elder. From my Flickr intro:

In 1986 I was the only American student in Rickstones Secondary School in Witham, Essex, UK. And being so, I thought we ought to have a yearbook, which is a foreign concept to the Brits. So along with a friend of mine, Dave Seacombe, we petitioned in March, convinced the Headmistress, who then found a printer for us. I guess they thought, well as long as he leaves us alone…

As usual, the larger versions are the best, so be sure to click on them.

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  1. Hi You won’t believe me when I tell you that I have a copy of this in a box in my loft Found it awhile ago and had a flick through Thanks for doing that some great photos and memories! x

    1. Hi Paula, I do believe you found a copy kicking around. But I need more answers! Did you go to Rickstones? Where exactly is the loft? (I mean, it will crazy if you found it in a loft in Texas, for example.)

  2. I recently stumbled across a photo capturing 4 of us jumping in the air (well 3 actually, Lee wouldn’t jump). Brought back a few memories, especially how young we looked.

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