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I held a blogging seminar! Wha?

Photographed by mills70

Yep, that’s right, I was asked by SBCC (my employer) to hold a seminar on blogging this Friday. I spoke for about 3 hours to a mixed (mostly older) crowd of people. Fun and easy.
For those who attended the seminar, thank you once again. If you click on “Continue Reading” you can see the full entry and a series of links to all the sites I showed. If you would like the “Rules of Blogging”, drop me a line and I will send it to you.

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After the Flood

Last Thursday night I came home from the Los Lobos concert at USCB to find that while away, the pipe on the toilet had just exploded from being old and for over an hour water had been filling my apartment.…

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Back from the UKKKKK

Hi gang, I just got back from the UK after a well-earned week's holiday. You can check the photos over at Flickr, featuring stops in Liverpool, London, and Essex. Also, you can see two quick videos from my journey, all…

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