2007 – The Year in Review

My Canon camera, like most, has a “movie” setting. Half the time I use it intentionally, and half the time I flip it on by mistake. Either way, over the year I have grabbed 5 seconds here and there, sometimes longer (but not that much). The above compilation doesn’t make any narrative sense and is completely random. So enjoy!! (Warning: Includes mature language, i.e. swearing).
Bonus! 2006 Year in Review also uploaded: Part One and Part Two.
And!! I have uploaded a Flickr photoset for 2007, one photo representing each month.

Rickstones Yearbook 1986

I have scanned and uploaded to Flickr the complete Rickstones Yearbook I created in 1986 when I was a wee scruffian. Contains my attempt to be Bill Elder. From my Flickr intro:

In 1986 I was the only American student in Rickstones Secondary School in Witham, Essex, UK. And being so, I thought we ought to have a yearbook, which is a foreign concept to the Brits. So along with a friend of mine, Dave Seacombe, we petitioned in March, convinced the Headmistress, who then found a printer for us. I guess they thought, well as long as he leaves us alone…

As usual, the larger versions are the best, so be sure to click on them.

Louis Menand (and myself) on Diary Keeping

A photo of Louis Menand all chillin’ out ‘n’ shit. In front of books.
I have kept a diary on and off (but pretty much on, full on) since 1985. Holy Christ! That’s pretty much all my formative years and then some. So I’m always interested to read others’ diaries, or in this case a lengthy New Yorker article by Louis Menand on diary keeping. Here’s some choice passages:

And the superego theory, of course, is the theory that diaries are really written for the eyes of others. They are exercises in self-justification. When we describe the day’s events and our management of them, we have in mind a wise and benevolent reader who will someday see that we played, on the whole, and despite the best efforts of selfish and unworthy colleagues and relations, a creditable game with the hand we were dealt. If we speak frankly about our own missteps and shortcomings, it is only to gain this reader’s trust. We write to appease the father. People abandon their diaries when they realize that the task is hopeless.

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I directed another music video!!

This Sunday I directed what will be the first video off of AM’s new album, Soul Variations. We worked a near 12 hour day, but we all had a great time, and the video will premiere at the end of this month in various locations (more on that later).
Thanks to:
AM for having a rockin’ song that, even after playback number 236, still had me tapping my toes. I feel this song!
Heather Carney (not in the photo) for her excellent dancing and solo performance and giving me the chance to finally work with a dancer/choreograper.
Jackie Brubaker for looking absolutely glamorous and never getting tired of my directorial demands.
Karla Shelton for running the show with her velvet whip and keeping us all in line.
Rob Dafoe for shooting and lighting the whole thing and for stepping in when I was about to rush a certain shot.
Tal for the use of his studio and his patience.
Nik, Sami, and Cynthia for once again helping out on their former teacher’s projects.
Druyan (not in shot, but taking the photo) for takin’ photos and for transporting out reflecting pool for a very cool shot.
My friends Scott and Kat for putting me up overnight so I could have an easy drive to our LA location.
and finally
Mom and Abel for being Mom and Abel! 

Photographed by mills70

The Perfect Cup of Coffee?

When I was down in La-La-Land last week I picked up a bag of David Lynch coffee. I don’t have a coffee maker, but dammit, I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to try Lynch’s own blend. So I have decided to actually get a proper coffee maker. Trouble is: all the other times I’ve had a drip coffee maker the resulting brew has sucked big time. And I had washing up just for one cup. AAAAAAannnnnnnd my place is small, with no counter space. So what can I get? I came across this Metafilter discussion on coffee. I love the ‘net! Now I have lots of options.
French press or Moka Express (Stainless Steel only, never aluminum!) or–my favorite by the looks of it–the Aerobie Aeropress.
Other tips: use a burr grinder, not a blade grinder. (Damn! That’s what I have!)
Correct brewing temp is 195-205 degrees. (What am I supposed to do, take the water’s temperature?)
Kona coffee is really good and the real thing is real expensive.
But why not roast your own beans? Hmm, this is starting to get complicated…

New Orleans, baby!

Photographed by mills70

Last weekend I went to New Orleans’ French Quarter for Scott’s 40th birthday party. NOLA was comparatively quiet compared to Mardis Gras time and also because the city is still rebuilding (or not rebuilding, it seemed to me) after Katrina. But, still, I was able to get my fill of Cajun and Creole cooking and do my share of drinking.
Here’s the Flickr photoset

Revenge of the Falcon: My New Film!

Yes, so, as some of you know, my main passion is filmmaking, and apart from some music videos, I haven’t blogged much about my work. But tomorrow (Friday, July 20), we will be premiering Revenge of the Falcon, my short comedy, which although didn’t take too long to do, actually has been brewing in one form or another since October 2005. In fact, we had to remake the film from scratch because…well, just because, all right? Some of you know what I’m talking about.

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Comments fixed…among other things

Some stizooopid stuff happened with the server this weekend (mostly involving a corrupted mt.cgi file which made me think for a second that I had lost four years of blogging), so I’ve spent way too much time fixing things. On the other hand I also used the opportunity to tweak a few things on the blog. You may or may not have seen them.
1) Comments now work, but require authentication. I was getting spammed the hell out by doofi unknown and I think this shut down comments for a while. As long as you have an email address and go through TypePad, you can comment now!
2) I added a favicon. It’s my bleedin’ face! I was tempted to write “OBEY” underneath it. If you don’t know what a favicon is, do a Google search.
3) Rotating banners and new pimped out logo. I added that last weekend, but you may have not noticed it. I will start adding more banners soon, at the moment it’s just ten photos.
4) Added links to myspace, facebook, amazon, and last.fm on the right. Go on and add me, be my friend and experience the discomfiting silence of social networking. I have nearly 200 friends!! And I spent most of the weekend at home!!!

5) I have added the photo of the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich
apropos of nuttin’. Actually, it looks more like Marlene Deitrich than Ms. Magdalene, but still she was delicious!