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Louis Menand (and myself) on Diary Keeping

A photo of Louis Menand all chillin’ out ‘n’ shit. In front of books.
I have kept a diary on and off (but pretty much on, full on) since 1985. Holy Christ! That’s pretty much all my formative years and then some. So I’m always interested to read others’ diaries, or in this case a lengthy New Yorker article by Louis Menand on diary keeping. Here’s some choice passages:

And the superego theory, of course, is the theory that diaries are really written for the eyes of others. They are exercises in self-justification. When we describe the day’s events and our management of them, we have in mind a wise and benevolent reader who will someday see that we played, on the whole, and despite the best efforts of selfish and unworthy colleagues and relations, a creditable game with the hand we were dealt. If we speak frankly about our own missteps and shortcomings, it is only to gain this reader’s trust. We write to appease the father. People abandon their diaries when they realize that the task is hopeless.

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New Orleans, baby!

Photographed by mills70Last weekend I went to New Orleans' French Quarter for Scott's 40th birthday party. NOLA was comparatively quiet compared to Mardis Gras time and also because the city is still rebuilding (or not rebuilding, it seemed to me)…

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Revenge of the Falcon: My New Film!

Yes, so, as some of you know, my main passion is filmmaking, and apart from some music videos, I haven’t blogged much about my work. But tomorrow (Friday, July 20), we will be premiering Revenge of the Falcon, my short comedy, which although didn’t take too long to do, actually has been brewing in one form or another since October 2005. In fact, we had to remake the film from scratch because…well, just because, all right? Some of you know what I’m talking about.

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