I’ve been writing on the arts in Santa Barbara and beyond since 1998 (or 1991 if you count my stint at UCSB’s Daily Nexus). That’s a lot of interviews, events, and people that I’ve met along the way, not just in the local scene, but in the world outside that passes through here on tour.

I started a (hand-coded!!) blog way back in the late ’90s, which is about 2 million Internet years ago. It’s been called several things since: Up Among the Golden Spires, Stone Cold Pimpin’, and others. Now I’m updating this blog, I will cut down on the personal business and links and instead catalog most of my writing.

I do many other things in the meantime:

I host a podcast on the arts.

I am an artist with a tumblr.

I am a filmmaker as well. Try my Youtube or my Vimeo. (They’re kind of different.)

And a photographer (watch out, NSFW). Also here.

So that keeps me busy.

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