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The odd art of Vincent Hui

Vincent Hui is a Hong Kong-born artist who currently works in L.A. I like his Bosch-like artwork. The above is titled "Plane Crash" from 2006. UPDATE 2016: His old site, hardsponge.com is down and/or vanished and I don't really know…

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Sweet Gene Tierney

Posts like this one by David Cairns remind me why I subscribe to his Shadowplay blog. Here he is rhapsodizing about 1940's starlet Gene Tierney:I now list the features, and excuse me if I get overcome and have to go…

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Thank You, William Kristol!

A few interesting revelations on the poli-blogs today after the third and final trouncing of John McCrankypants in the debates. One is this Glenn Greenwald interview with Scott Horton, lawyer, professor, and writer for Harper's. Ever wondered who came up…

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Our Lips Are Sealed

Has there ever been a pop song like "Our Lips Are Sealed"? Check the facts: Terry Hall (Specials, Fun Boy Three) was in a relationship with Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos. They co-write this song about their love affair. Weidlin…

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