History of Fap

In 1826, the first photograph was taken. And then, in 1839, another important development in photography: The first nude photo was taken. My question: Why did it take 13 years?For more firsts, check the mostinterestingblog.

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Is this really true?

Eddie Campbell has this to say about Seiichi Hayashi's 1970 manga, "Red Colored Elegy."Red Elegy is a good read, though this reviewer at amazon says he had trouble making sense of it. I would guess that's because today's reader has…

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Hey! Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard on my hometown, from his 1989 book, America. On the aromatic hillsides of Santa Barbara, the villas are all like funeral homes. Between the gardenias and the eucalyptus trees, among the profusion of plant genuses and the monotony…

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Entrances to Hell around the UK

Came across a very odd site that lists with archaic names, directions, and descriptions a series of odd urban locations that could and/or might as well be Entrances to Hell. The shitty web design, circa 1997, only helps the effect.…

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Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the technique of becoming conscious that you are dreaming while in the dream state and then being able to walk about the environment, change things, change yourself, read 25,000 words a minute, and do pretty much anything…

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