I think we are at last good to go

Yeh, so, uh, how long did that take? Four days, people. Four days to get up on a new server, reconfigure my database and my email.
At one point I was running two help desk chats at the same time with two different companies (ipowerweb, my host, and spamarrest, my spam blocker) while being on the phone to Verizon Online (my ISP). Major frustrations included:
1) Not having a reliable FTP program–or server, I dunno. It would drop the upload connection every couple of minutes, making transferring 250mb of info (not a lot, I know) take something like 4 hours.
2)Not understanding that, though my settings stayed the same, I would still have to erase all my accounts and reload them. This took a while to figure out.
3)Following the tutorials for backing up and re-importing a MySQL database to the letter, then finding an error message on upload. “Line 2048: Error: Unclosed quote” or some such malarkey. Holy crap! Ipowerweb techies of the highest level had to step in and figure it out.
4) Worrying that I missed four days of important, business-related email. Seriously.

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