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Play Review – Gunfighter

My review of the latest production at SBCC, as it appeared in the News-Press:
Unfriendly Fire
Gulf War drama suffers script weaknesses

Mark Medoff’s “Gunfighter: A Gulf War Chronicle,” which opens Santa Barbara City College Theatre Group’s fall theater season, is based on the true story of Lt. Col. Ralph Hayles, whose career was ruined in a friendly-fire incident during the 1991 conflict.
Despite the apparent culpability of others higher up, and the number of similar incidents that went unpunished, Lt. Col. Hayles was singled out, his life made miserable by the media upon his return home. Through the help of an investigative journalist, Rob Johnson from the Wall Street Journal, Lt. Col. Hayles was allowed to clear his name just before the Army reneged on his retirement funds.
It’s a classic story of the little man scapegoated for the sins of the higher-up, and a mainstay of war drama.

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Bumrocks Rocks!

Bumrocks is an mp3 blog that posts a single mp3 every couple of days or so. The tracks are either spacerock circa 1978 or retro new stuff that sounds like 1978 in all the good ways (Moogs, Clavinets, oh my).…

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Follow the Bouncing Balls

Somebody on Flickr posted a short set some months back when a commercial film crew drop thousands of rubber bouncy balls down a street in San Francisco. This mass bouncy ball madness was one of my childhood dreams realized! Finally,…

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