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Library Thannnnng

After thinking about setting up a books database on my computer using Booxter, along comes a Web-based flickr-style version called LibraryThing. Designed by Tim Spaulding, it uses ISBN, bar codes, Amazon, and straight ol' manual input to create a db…

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No, it’s not that deep

My friend Phil has an excellent post (these days he has a lot of excellent posts) on debunking Steven Johnson and his proclamation that Lost (which I haven’t seen) proves the point that American pop culture is now so much more complex that the country is actually full of multi-tasking geniuses (who still manage to elect doofi like Bush).
Well, Phil calls bullshit :

The best American TV really should be trouncing mainstream movies in the “smart, complex and many-layered” stakes, but it rarely comes close. And this is without even letting arthouse movies join the fray. If you’re after complexity, emotion and originality, why not compare TV with the best lower budget films from around the world? Maybe there’s an unspoken caveat to pieces like Johnson’s, that while Lost and its ilk are apparently clever and multi-layered, they’re only as clever and multi-layered as we should expect for something that is hoping to attract a mass audience. Shouldn’t we be asking why this is as good as we get? Why are the most intellectually demanding TV shows only reaching the level of blockbuster movies and airport novels?

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Jus’ Walkin’

When I was just born, my parents had a pet tortoise. I don't remember it, but a few photos still exist. That's what I couldn't help think about when I saw this photo entry of an Edmonton, Alberta man walking…

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Makin’ Natto

For breakfast, I have started eating natto on brown rice, with some miso soup on the side. Am I crazy? No, in fact. For one thing, I really am a big fat twat these days, so I have to work on my diet, and that means eating healthier. I love cereal and milk in the morning, but after a while I don’t think the combo of dairy and sugar was doing it fr me. And of course I’m influenced by friends Jon and Ruriko, who dabble in the macrobiotics (but not in a doctinaire way, just check the flickr photos of us eating ribs and RibsUSA). But anyway, that’s what my mornings are all about.

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Lord of War

lordofwar.jpgDir. Andrew Niccol
This is a film I wanted to like more than I did.
After The Constant Gardener, which unearthed the nefarious dealings of global pharmaceutical companies, why not a public-palpable expose on the international arms trade?
Except, the script comes at the character two different ways. There’s what Yuri (Nicolas Cage) knows and what director-writer Andrew Niccol wants us to know. Or more precisely, what Niccol wants to hide from us until the end for dramatic impact.

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