Maki Nomiya has a blog

This will only interest Japanese speakers or those who love Pizzicato Five, but Maki Nomiya now has a blog called “Nomiya Maki Oshare Blog”. Three entries so far, with a little tidbit about P5 and the filming of one of their videos. If your Japanese is rusty, you can get a translation here.

Sudoku makes Slate

Two weeks ago, Metafilter blogged about Sudoku the number logic game that has conquered the Brits. Now Slate brings it stateside.

My Days Are Numbered – I’m addicted to a Japanese logic puzzle. You will be, too. By Seth Stevenson: “When Slate asked me to write about ‘sudoku’ the number puzzle that’s taken Britain by storm (and seems poised to conquer the United States, too) I thought it might be a pleasant little assignment. After all, I like puzzles. I’m always up for trying a new one.
And now it’s 2 a.m., my deadline is looming, and (as you can see) I’m only on my second paragraph. All because, damn it, I can’t stop playing sudoku. I’m a full-on sudoku addict. Thanks, Slate. This assignment is like when the New Republic got that dude to try crack.”

I’m not very good with logic puzzles, and my own attempts look retarded. Use pencil. Lots of pencil.