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Austerlitz – W.G. Sebald

Modern Library2001 It's like a novelistic version of Chris Marker's Sans Soleil, said Jon, which was good enough recommendation for me. However my experience of Austerlitz is really a tale of two readings. The first half was unwisely choosing to…

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Ocean’s 11

Dir: Stephen Soderbergh 2001 Haven't watched much these days, as I'm editing (or thinking about editing) this music video, but the missus insisted we watch this film as the plane she was on a week or so ago landed before…

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Jumper – Steven Gould

TOR Books1992 Gould's book takes a sci-fi premise--teleportation--and throws it into a coming-of-age story for young adults. This got highly recommended by someone on BoingBoing, and being YAF (Young Adult Fiction) promised a quick read. Davy Rice learns he has…

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