Taiwan, Second Day

We spent our first real day in Taipei like we usually do: all getting our hair done by Emi, who has her own salon near Chungzhang Middle School (a stop on the MRT line). Lynn and Jessica got slightly new styles, Mike got a trim (his hair’s shot to start with) and I got my finally cut down to a nice short style. Emi has a way of making the two or three things that are possible to do with my hair look brand new.
We had our breakfast there too, brought from one of the thousands of stalls in the streets here: dan-bing with some hot milk tea on the side.
After the hair business which took up the whole morning, lunch was jiro-fan (shredded chicken over rice) from a place across the street. Weather changed during the day until it was very rainy and windy. Yet it was still slightly humid. To the Taiwanese, this is winter, so these people who live in 90 degree/90 percent humidity during the summer months, are wrapped up in thick coats. Mike and I are content with a t-shirt during the day and a light coat at night.
We made our way to Hsimen, one of the large shopping areas, and I have to say I’m kinda disappointed that, two years after my last visit, DVD hasn’t really took off as a format here. I don’t know the exact reasons, but VCD takes up quite a lot of shelf space. Apart from the usual Hollywood rubbish, there’s very little Chinese cinema available in anything other than dodgy looking cheapo versions. That is, except for the Shaw Brothers releases, and I have no idea where to start with those. More on this later–maybe I’m looking in the wrong area.
We met up later with all the sisters and were taken to a Thai restaurant called Patara. This was as empty as customers as one of those restaurants they visit on the “Blind Date” TV show, although it was decorated nicely. Food was so-so, and I’m sure it cost a lot as anything in Taiwan that doesn’t open onto the street does.
I was so exhausted with jet lag, that once we got back home I passed out around 9.
Among many dreams that I had was one in which I saw Ernest Borgnine, and debated getting his autograph.
Photos when I get the chance to find a “quiet time” to upload them.

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