Fla-a-sh, Master of the Universe!

Rather like the minions of the Emperor Ming (or maybe the Emperor Misha), some flacks have a, shall we say, thankless task.
In this election cycle, many woeful things have already occured. And many sad and silly things have been said. This one, however, may win the 2004 Bulwer-Lytton prize for pitiable maundering:
From the Chicago Sun-Times, today:

Already well-known
Axelrod said most voters know what office Obama is seeking and suggested other ads over the next two weeks could include a direct appeal for support.
Keyes has enough money to run television commercials, but his team is keeping mum about when they will begin.
“We’re waiting until we can see the whites of their eyes,” said Bill Pascoe, Keyes’ campaign manager.

“Alan Keyes is making sense!” Well, in Urdu, perhaps.

Man, it must suck to be the press guy who has to go talk to the media for Keyes. Do you think Pascoe drew the short straw today?

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