Reagan’s Dead

There are quite a good many essays around about Reagan now that he’s shuffled off this mortal coil. Juan Cole has some thoughtful analysis. So does Eric Alterman, Rick Perlstein, and Joe Conanson. That should sort you out. (Greg Palast also wrote something, but it was so egregiously shrill I can’t link to it.)
I grew up in the Reagan years. I was 10 when he began office, and 18 when he left. And in most of those years I thought he would take us to nuclear war. The war in Grenada and the bombing of Libya looked like the typical, trumped up bombings/wars that seem to have become our main war policy. I could never see why people liked him–because he smiled? Because he looked like your grandad? So what? This was the beginning of the descent into celebrity presidents, happy faces with a headful of hollow behind. Say what you want about Nixon, but what you saw was what you got, pretty much.
However, compared to the shitheel monkey in power, the man looks like a genius. Reagan could at least pretend to believe in a great tomorrow (he probably did). Bush doesn’t even have the vision of a utopian lie. Just terra and more terra and a present that he says is wonderful, full of employment and hugging your neighbor.
Five more months, buster…

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