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Pfaff’s Important Essay

Terrific and short essay by William Pfaff in the International Herald Tribune. A friend of mine said yesterday, "I knew the Bush administration would be awful when they stole the election, but I never imagined it would truly be this…

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The End of an Era

Can you frickin' believe this? I was cleaning my glasses yesterday and the frames broke at the nose! I've had these glasses since 1997--they're almost a part of my body. (Plus they were the only Armani I owned...) Now I've…

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The Farfield Remix Project

Hey Kids! In tribute to the premiere of the fine motion picture feature Garfield we present this selection of Farfield.
By replacing everybody’s favorite comic cat with a real cat (that does not speak in thought balloons or walk upright), the strip’s Beckettian terror is fully realized.
(Click image to open full size!)

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