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Giants and Toys

Dir: Yasuo Masamura 1958 Absolute complete insanity from Masamura and all sorts of props go out to Fantoma DVD for bringing this out of obscurity. Imagine a mix of Willy Wonka, Network, and a 1940s screwball comedy, driven by a…

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Black Robe

Dir: Bruce Beresford 1991 Bruce Beresford's gloomy film of a French Jesuit priest (Lothaire Bluteau) traveling into the wilds of 1600s Quebec to find that God ain't gonna save him from the weather, the Iroquoi, or his own righteous hubris.…

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Evil Dead

Dir: Sam Raimi 1981 Wow, was it really 16 years ago that I watched this for the first time, and is this really the second time I've seen it? I've always said I preferred this Evil Dead to the sequel,…

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The Hustler

Dir: Robert Rosssen 1961 Most excellent and gritty drama that made a well-deserved star out of Paul Newman, but also has fine performances by George C. Scott and Piper Laurie, as well as a "guest star" appearance by Jackie Gleason,…

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How Much Is Inside?

How Much Is Inside? Real science by real people, asking the questions we really want answered: How much toothpaste in a tube? How many noodles in a packet of ramen? Helping these guys is a collection of girlfriends, all of…

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Blossom time

So hot during the daytime, lovely and cool at night. And these blossoms are right outside our door. They smell lovely. I'm not so good with plants, so I don't know what they are!

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Tamio Okuda – E

Sony SRCL-5415 2002.09.19 Glad I caught up with what Mr. Okuda's been doing. I wasn't hot on "Car Songs of the Years"--half of that being older songs, and an excuse to get a few new songs out. When Okuda is…

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