Saddam Down in the Ditch

Holy December Surprise! They done captured Saddam! And he looks like Karl Marx! Expect the trial to show Saddam giving shout outs to all his former homeys, including Donald Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. “Long time no see! Thanks for the poison gas!”
There’s already fiery discussion over at Daily Kos about the reports. Some points:
Will they send in an Iraqi Jack Ruby to take Saddam out?
Will the U.S. allow a transparent international trial?
Will they schedule it till after the election?
Will Saddam be taught what to say by Karl Rove?
Will the U.S. now have a viable exit strategy?
Will the attacks on the troops stop or will they continue?
Will Bush continue to be the worst, most destructive proto-fascist president ever?
Some of these questions are rhetorical, by the way…

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