Some Beatles Links

Don't ask me why, but I went on a Beatles bender the other day and found some great links. The first is Alan W. Pollack's Notes On series, in which every Beatles song has been pulled apart and examined from…

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Pinball Madness!

Apparently, they now have emulation programs for pinball machines, going all the way back to the 1950s. Unfortunately, it's only for Windows, but I'm sure somebody somewhere is figuring out a Mac port. I came of game-playing age at the…

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Saddam Down in the Ditch

Holy December Surprise! They done captured Saddam! And he looks like Karl Marx! Expect the trial to show Saddam giving shout outs to all his former homeys, including Donald Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. "Long time no see! Thanks for the…

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Sydney’s Secret: Jennifer McGregor Brings Special Xmas Concert to Music Academy

Here’s a secret about the Sydney Opera House: the famed space that was designed to host opera and built for optimum acoustic brilliance—on the photos, the larger of the two cones—has never been used for operas.

“After they completed it, ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Company) decided that it would rather use the space for broadcasting and performing symphonies.” The voice telling me this is Jennifer McGregor, famed soprano whose career started at the Sydney Opera Company.

So the opera company got shifted to the symphony’s original space, in the smaller cone. For decades the company has performed right next to, but never in, the space originally promised. “Not that it’s a bad place to sing,” she adds, “I have so many memories there.”

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We make the Gossip Columns

Hey folks, apparently somebody chatted to actor Bob Lesser, who starred in the commercial I shot with Jon Crow for the "Bush in 30 Seconds" commercial before Thanksgiving. My friend Maury called me this morning to tell me I…

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Dir: Bille Woodruff 2003 Yesterday I chuckled over a recent (?) Boondocks cartoon where Riley is asked to write a "what I did for my summer vacation" essay for school. He turns in a page of paper completely covered by…

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