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I haven’t been posting recently, not because I’m not outraged, but because Blogger has moved over to a new system and they still haven’t updated their “blog this!” script. This script, for those who don’t blog, allows URLs to be selected and instantly sent over to Blogger along with a few comments. It’s like bookmarking sites, but this bookmark becomes your blog entry. It saves a lot of computer coding. (The script is usually located in the favorites toolbar across the top of Internet Explorer.) This is essential for blogging politics, as so much is read during the day. But for some reason, they can’t get it to work with IE. The decision to blog an article now is more convoluted. I have to now follow 10 steps instead of 1. I’m looking into Movable Type as a system to move over to.
Anyway, it’s nice to see the fascists on the defensive, though even Bush-haters seem to believe the man is so out of the loop he can’t possibly be to blame (that many people think this is, I think, the sign of another successful Karl Rove strategy.) However, the story I quoted below later turned out to be erroneous. I found a link saying so, but because I have no “Blog This” I’ve lost it. Trust me, it was wrong, and maybe sounded too good to be true. On the other hand, the Shrub saying we went to war because Saddam wouldn’t let in inspectors is too dumb to be real, but he actually said that.
At least I admitted my information was faulty, and, unlike Bush, I don’t have anybody’s blood on my hands (you murderer. ..murderer…murderer…).
I’d finally like to recommend everybody take a look at, and sign up for, Written by Tom Engelhardt, it is a thrice-weekly examination of the press and the events of the day. He is especially focused on the return of the vocabulary of Watergate and Vietnam to our discourse: quagmire, guerilla warfare, etc. etc. He chooses one or two major editorials to read, and they’re usually worth the time. Yesterday’s linked essay, a Russian think-piece on Kim Jon-Il, was particularly fascinating.
I may have misspelled Kim’s name, but it is going on 2 a.m.

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