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Something special for Memorial

Something special for Memorial Day, as a way of showing gratitude to the investment partners of Prescott (i.e. Granpappy) Bush. Hmmm...secret arrests, secret trials, death camps? Wake up, sheeple! The Courier Mail: US plans death camp [26may03] THE US has…

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Music Animation Machine

Call it synchronicity or two great minds thinking alike, but I was checking out this site by Edward Tufte on the same day that Scott Rosenberg blogged it in Salon. Hmm, maybe it was because my friend Jon Crow had…

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The lead story in Salon

The lead story in Salon is on "the Left's Rush Limbaugh" Mike Malloy. I went over and checked out his most recent (5/12/) broadcast at MikeMalloy.Net and it is quite good, especially the quotes he runs from the MonkeyChimpFascist on…

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