Geneva Convention? We don’ need

Geneva Convention? We don’ need no stinkin’ Geneva Convention! We can torture your ass anywhere and anyhow, because Generalissimo El Busho (as Ted Rall calls him) says so! (Hey, Mr. Protestor cum Enemy Combatant, you’re next!)

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US interrogators turn to ‘torture lite’ The LA-based constitutional lawyer Stephen Rohde said that the US was already violating the Geneva convention by its interrogation of prisoners: “Donald Rumsfeld has been boasting about the information [from prisoners] as a valid reason for holding them indefinitely without lawyers and without charging them. We are violating the Geneva convention by interrogating them.”
The Taliban prisoners should only have been required to give their name, rank, serial number and date of birth, he said. Lawyers representing those being interrogated have expressed their concern.
“I have never seen clients treated so badly” said Randy Hamud, the San Diego-based lawyer who has represented a number of the Arab men detained last year, some of whom are still in custody. “The constitution has been cast aside. The United States is no longer the moral leader of the world.”

Go USA! Go USA! While

Go USA! Go USA! While the majority of Americans will spend today yelling at a TV set, spraying potato shards from their mouth and from the upturned imitation wood-grain plastic bowl, and generally OD’ing on their own football-initiated testosterone, some are missing the game . . . because they’ve been incarcerated! What fun!
Apparently, Super Bowl Fervor also means locking up random brown people!

Yahoo! News – INS Detains 69 Foreigners in Super Bowl Sweep
Sports – Reuters
Fri Jan 24, 8:50 PM ET
By Sarah Tippit
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Reuters) – Federal officials on Friday said they planned to detain more foreign-born security and transportation workers after arresting 69 people as part of a controversial security crackdown ahead of the Super Bowl that has outraged local immigrant community leaders.
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials initially said agents had finished a probe of suspected illegal immigrants who might have had high-level access to San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium, but then said that reviews of 1,000 more workers still had to be completed by Sunday’s game.

Everybody has seen those “Chinese

Everybody has seen those “Chinese Titles for American Movies” email, which to me have always seemed phony. Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” is translated as “Big Fat Liar” and so on–all coincidentally tailored to American humor.
Well, over at leylop’s blog about China she has some real translations. Most are tame, as expected, but occasionally there’s some doozies, more surreal than anything:
As Good As It Gets: Mr. Cats’ Shit ( mao shi xian sheng )
Charlie’s Angels: Lightning Cutie ( pi li tian shi )
Fargo: Moisturizing Lotion Murder ( xue hua gao li qi ming an )
Thelma & Louise: The Crazy Flower At The End Of The Road ( mo lu kuang hua )
In the Bedroom: The Incestuous Love ( luan lun zhi lian )
Top Gun: Lofty Ideal Above The Clouds ( zhuang zhi lin yun )
The Big Lebowski: Murdering the Green Toes ( mou sha lv jiao zhi )
Apparently, the Coen Brothers give the Chinese a lot of trouble.

It’s the end of the

It’s the end of the week, and it’s a great big grab-bag of evil!
The BushJunta have chosen Jerry Thacker, a Bob Jones (i.e. Christian Fundamentalist) graduate, who calls AIDS the Gay Plague, among other intelligent and tolerant ideas, to serve on the Presidential Advisory Commission on HIV and AIDS. But of course, because, as you see, black is white, and up is down.
This is also the same arrogance that appoints a rabid anti-environment nutjob like Richard Pombo to oversee the House Natural Resources Committee, a man who’s said that environmentalists were commies, that elephants should be hunted for their ivory, and who is dead set on overturning the Endangered Species Act. This guy needs to sent out to pasture, pronto!
Over at the Guardian, there’s a report about securing Iraq’s oil fields

At the meeting, on the future of a post-Saddam Iraq – details of which have been disclosed to the Guardian – the state department stressed that protection of the oilfields was “issue number one”.

True dat.
In France, they’re reacting to Rumsfeld’s remarks about France and Germany being “Old Europe” i.e., not following American in goosestep.
But there’s good news! Yahoo News reports Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Database, telling the Illuminati that they can’t have unlimited access to all our computer information. Ha!
Meanwhile, Ted Rall points out that Americans are so insular because only seven percent of Americans own a passport–fewer than 20 million people–and only a fraction of those ever use one. (I’d like to know where this figure comes from).
And the most pleasing thing I’ve seen all day: White House reporter and woman with more cajones than the other reporters combined, Helen Thomas, has this to say about Shrub: “This is the worst president ever,” she said. “He is the worst president in all of American history.”

Madness, madness, they call it

Madness, madness, they call it madness
Over at Capitol Hill Blue they have these belligerent outbursts.

Intelligenced sources say some Arab nations have told US diplomats they may side with Iraq if the U.S. attacks without the backing of the United Nations. Secretary of State Colin Powell agrees with his former colleagues at the Pentagon and has told the President he may be pursuing a “dangerous course.”
An angry Rumsfeld, who backs Bush without question, is said to have told the Joint Chiefs to get in line or find other jobs. Bush is also said to be “extremely angry” at what he perceives as growing Pentagon opposition to his role as Commander in Chief.
“The President considers this nation to be at war,” a White House source says, “and, as such, considers any opposition to his policies to be no less than an act of treason.”

Well, Chimpy McCokespoon, I guess you better get a big jail to hold the millions and millions of those so-called “traitors”.